Industrial Boilers

Boilers are machines that generate hot water, warm hair and heated steam for all industrial, commercial, domestic and residential settings. Industrial boilers are specifically made to use as parts of larger heating systems or to provide steam or hot water for industrial and manufacturing processes. They are quite large and built using materials like stainless steel, cast iron and aluminum, to optimize durability, safety and performance.

Usually, industrial boilers are powered by one of three fuel sources: gas, oil or electricity, with the exception of a few, such as central boilers, which are wood fired. Gas boilers, which are the most common type of boilers in the USA, produce steam by heating water to a specified temperature or boiling point with a natural gas flame. Gas boilers, or steam boilers, are important for a few reasons. For one, they provide heating and power for large buildings, like warehouses, and industrial applications. Also, they heat water that circulates through pipes, assisting radiators, baseboards and other heat exchangers. Oil boilers produce hot gases from oil that function either as fuel for furnaces or as a replacement for the water usually found in boilers. Finally, electric boilers use electricity to produce efficient, clean and safe water heating. This method is preferred by many because, since it lacks an element of combustion, it poses no potential complications relating to pilot lights, gas piping, venting or carbon monoxide.

Some Leading Manufacturers

Unilux Advanced Manufacturing, LLC

Schenectady, NY | 518-344-7490

Unilux Advanced Manufacturing, LLC has over 30 years of manufacturing and operational experience in the boiler industry. We are one of the most pristine and highly engineered in our industry and take pride in every unit we manufacture. We offer high pressure steam boilers, low pressure steam boilers, hot water boilers, and more! Our boilers are known for being the safest and most efficient in their class. For more information about our boilers, call us today or visit our website!

Fulton Boiler Works, Inc.

Pulaski, NY | 315-298-5121

We have maintained a reputation for quality and excellence since 1949. We have products for almost any industry or commercial heating application. Our company offers a variety of products including steam boilers, hydronic boilers, thermal fluid heaters, custom engineered systems, and more. Our sales representatives will help you find the perfect solution for your unique application. Call us today or visit our website for more information!

Blanski, Inc.

Reading, PA | 800-828-6976

Since our inception in 1962, we have been supporting customers around the world with quality industrial boiler solutions. We offer a variety of boiler products, including mobile boiler systems, and a wide range of boiler rebuilding and installation services. Whatever your boiler room requirements may be, Blanski can provide you with the solutions you need!

McDonough, GA | 800-780-3776

We are one of the largest boiler supplies distributors and suppliers in the industry! Whether you’re looking for a boiler system or just boiler components, we have all the solutions you could ever need. We provide heat exchangers, replacement seals, valves, gauge glass, heater components, and much more. We are America’s choice for boiler room and gauge glass solutions, so get in touch with us to discover all we have to offer!

Carey Boiler Works

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We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial and commercial boiler components with more than 65 years of experience! We are your source for innovative, high-quality boiler solutions, providing high-efficiency and reliability. From the beginning, we have committed ourselves to providing our customers with reliable and effective solutions, so that means you can count on us to deliver truly superior systems! Give us a call!

Manhattan Welding Co., Inc.

Hillside, NJ | 800-834-3953

At Manhattan Welding Co., boilers, burners, and heating systems are our business. For over 100 years, we have helped solve the power and heating needs of customers across the globe. We provide our customers with safe, efficient, and easy-to-use boilers in addition to expert boiler and burner repair services. With these capabilities, we can assist you with practically and boiler needs you may have. Come to the experts at Manhattan Welding for your boiler solutions!

Boilers are constructed with one of two basic designs in mind: fire-tube and water-tube. Simply put, fire-tube boilers distribute heat through tubes immersed in water, while water-tube boilers distribute water through heated tubes within an enclosure. Hot flue gases pass over the tubes, first heating the water, then exiting through a stack. So, they are, in essence, the inverse of each other, though, despite their differences, they display about the same level of efficiency. All boilers depend upon radiant heat and thermal energy transfers to guide water or steam movement, and since heat moves from sections of high heat to low heat, a furnace can heat the tubes that heat the water, that in turn heat the pipes or radiators that heat the room. So, the boiler process relies on the behavior of high temperature fluids. Industrial boilers may function as high efficiency or low efficiency machines. High efficiency boilers have higher pressures, some as high as 1,000 PSI. Low efficiency boilers are those with pressure levels below 15 PSI. Such boilers are more likely to be used in smaller buildings or to heat individual spaces.

Boilers have weathered a fairly contentious history; because the relationship between temperature and pressure was not well-understood in their early days, making their use dangerous, some workers and citizens looked to put an end to their usage altogether. However, they survived, and now that we use safer and better materials, design and construction methods, boilers seldom cause accidents. Today they carry out an important function in our world. They’re found in most environments, from factories to schools. As technology advances, boilers become smaller and smaller, accommodating more and more spaces. In fact, emergency crews, military personnel and people in transitional environments can now use mobile heaters for heat or power.

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