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Furniture and wood production factories can benefit from a new biomass industrial boilers system that converts wood waste into renewable energy for powering the factory. These generators are a type of ORC heat-to-power system that help generate clean energy through biomass boilers. Many industrial factories use ORC systems to maximize a factory’s sustainability and reduce overall energy consumption.

The boilers work by using unwanted wood to power the boilers. The boilers then create superheated water that powers clean cycle energy generators. The energy generators use the heat from the boiler to create electrical energy. This reduces the amount of energy costs that a factory faces because it can create some of its own energy right inside the factory.

These biomass industrial boilers not only help cut back on the environmental impact of a factory, but they also can heat the factory as well, while providing extra energy that a factory can sell back to an electric company. This can help increase the income of a factory and help each factory remain sustainable into the future. One of the main benefits of a biomass boiler system is that the ability to create usable energy from the excess heat generated by the boiler can offset some of the costs of operating the boiler. Using recycled and waste wood to power the boiler also cuts down on the expense of heating the factory.

Right now, most of these systems are large-scale designed for huge factories, but in the future, the boiler manufacturers plan to make the boilers on a smaller scale to help smaller factories and other woodworking companies maximize their energy production as well. This will help everyone from wood treatment plants to small furniture shops minimize waste and improve their energy-efficiency.

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